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Online Synchronous Collaborative Writing

Jenell Krishnan is honored with the 2017 AERA Graduate Student Paper Award presented by the Writing and Literacies Special Interest Group at the 2017 AERA Annual meeting in San Antonio, TX. [Handout]

Krishnan, J., Yim, S., Wolters, A., & Cusimano, A. (2019) Supporting Online Synchronous Collaborative Writing in Secondary School. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy. [Paper]

Krishnan, J., Cusimano, A., Wang, D., & Yim, S. (2018). Writing Together: Online Synchronous Collaboration in Middle School. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, 62(2), 163-173. doi.org/10.1002/jaal.871 [Paper]

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Data Visualization Tools for Teaching and Research

Jenell Krishnan presents "Online Synchronous Collaborative Writing: Results from Middle School and College Contexts" with Soobin Yim at the 2018 Digital Learning in the Humanities and Beyond Symposium, a partnership with Tel-Aviv University.

[Slides; Video; News]


Digital Scaffolding for English Language Arts

Jenell Krishnan presents "Digital Scaffolding for English Language Arts" with Mark Warschauer at the 2017 I.E.S. Principal Investigator Meeting in Washington, D.C. [Poster; Website; Screencast]

Tate, T. P., Collins, P., Xu, Y., Yao, J., Krishnan, J., Prado, Y., Farkas, G., & Warschauer, M. (2019) Visual Syntactic Text Format: Improving Adolescent Literacy. Scientific Study of Reading [Paper]

Krishnan, J., Schleppegrell, M., Xu, Y., Yau, J., Tate, T., Prado, Y., Collins, P., & Warschauer, M. (2019) Promoting Close Reading with Visual Syntactic Text Formatting in Middle School English Language Arts. Presented at the annual meeting of the American Education Research Association, Toronto, CA.


Instructional Technologies for Literacy Learning

Jenell Krishnan presents "From Assistance to Agency: A Study of Digital Scaffolding" with Yenda Prado at the 2018 annual meeting of AERA in New York, NY. Jenell also presented "Intentional Instruction: Teachers’ Purposeful Use of Technology for English Language Arts" at the International Society for Technology in Education in Chicago, IL.[Poster; Website; ISTE 2018; Slides]

Zinger, D., Krishnan, J., Warschauer, M. (2018). Bridging student digital divides by bridging teacher digital divides. In A. Normore, & A. I. Lahera (Eds.) Crossing the Bridges of the Digital Divide: A Walk with Global Leaders. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing. [Chapter]

Krishnan, J. & Poleon, E. (2013). Digital Backchanneling: A strategy for maximizing
engagement during a performance-based lesson on Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Teaching
English with Technology, 13
(4), 38-48. [Paper]

Krishnan, J., Black, R., Booth Olson, C., & Chung, H. (in preparation) Supporting Secondary Students’
Sentence Fluency through Online Peer-to-Peer Writing.


Supporting English Teaching and Learning

On the study of the linguistic features of English Learners' online writing, Jenell Krishnan collaborates with visiting scholar and linguist, Nasim Googol (second from left), and a team of undergraduate research assistants majoring in Education Sciences from the University of California, Irvine's School of Education.

Weist, R., Pawlak, A., & [Krishnan] Carapella, J. (2004). Syntactic-Semantic interface in the
acquisition of verb morphology. Journal of Child Language, 31(1), 31-60. [Paper]

Yau, J. C., Krishnan, J., Xu, Y., Collins, P., Warschauer, M. (in preparation) Better Together: How Teacher Collaboration Supports Student Learning during a Technology-Based Literacy Intervention